Franklin Forum Members

Thaddeus (Toad) Claassen is a sophomore from Palo Alto, CA. Though he is majoring in Mathematics, he is also interested in literary studies and linguistics. He enjoys long walks on the beach as well as contemplating political theory. Toad has been in the Franklin Forum since its founding last semester.

Zach Collins is a sophomore pursuing a major in Studio Art. He resides in Bedford, New Hampshire and enjoys painting, hiking, traveling, visiting museums, and reading about food in order to improve his cooking skills.

Paulina Phelps is a sophomore from Seattle, Washington. Although she hasn’t declared a major at Skidmore, she plans on pursuing an education in both English and Government, as she hopes one day to be a political journalist. Aside from writing, she loves to play tennis and sing, and intends to get more involved with these activities with while at Skidmore. Currently a co op-ed editor for the Skidmore Newspaper, she also writes for a number of different publications both at and outside of Skidmore. She is very excited to be a part of the Franklin Forum, as she enjoys learning about the country’s history through interpreting the works of great thinkers. She also loves the format of the Forum’s meetings.

Emma Marshall is a sophomore at Skidmore College, where she is a dedicated student, varsity crew member, and Filene Music Scholar. Her other interests include: biking, running,theatre, sailing, and skiing. At this point in her academic career, she plans to major in Government. She is excited to be a member of the Franklin Forum and looks forward to learning from the other members.

Brooks Robinson is a junior from West Newbury, Massachusetts. She is double majoring in English and American Studies, and plans to teach and write nonfiction after Skidmore. Her hobbies include horseback riding, skiing, and sailing.

Jesse Hardman


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